Useful Links

Lab Basics

QuickCalcs – Quick calculations used in the everyday lab life. Run it directly in your browser. 

Molarity Calculator –  Dilute or prepare solution starting with volume & concentration; mass & concentration; or mass & volume.

Sigma-Aldrich Technical Library – Another quick reference link, including composition of concentrated reagent grade acids, acid and base solution preparation, solution dilution calculator and solvent property chart.

Phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) Recipe – Quick reference for preparing phosphate-buffered saline. By Cold Spring Harbor Protocols.

Subculturing Adherent Cells – Quick reference for subculturing adherent cells. By Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Useful Numbers for Cell Culture – Quick reference with useful numbers for cell culture (e.g., surface area and volumes of dissociation solutions). By Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Freezing Cells – Quick reference for freezing cells. By Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Thawing Frozen Cells – Quick reference for thawing frozen cells. By Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Counting Cells with a Hemocytometer – This video demonstrates the process of counting cells using a hemocytometer.

Running a Flow Cytometry Experiment – This videos demonstrates the setup of a a basic two-color flow cytometry experiment in BD FACS Diva.

Potassium Phosphate Buffer Preparation – Protocol adapted from Sambrook & Russell for the preparation of potassium phosphate buffer.

Peptide Stuff – Peptide property calculator.

IonSource – Mass spectrometry educational resources.

Scientific Communication

English Communication for Scientists – This is an ebook that guides scientists on how to communicate more effectively in English, not only in scientific papers but also in correspondence and oral presentations.

Elsevier Research Academy – Webinars covering several aspects of a research career, including funding, communication, and peer review.

Publons Academy – Free peer review training course offered by Publons. Especially useful for early career researchers. 

Journal Finder Tools

Looking for a journal to submit your manuscript? These tools can help. 

Web of Science Manuscript Matcher –  This tool uses publisher-neutral data and statistics to choose the right journal for your paper

Journal/Author Name Estimator (JANE) –  Results not limited to a specific publisher company. This one is also useful for finding papers and authors related to your study. 

Elsevier Journal Finder – Find a suitable journal among those published by Elsevier. 

Springer Nature Journal Suggester – Find a suitable journal among those published by Springer Nature. 

Wiley Journal Finder – Find a suitable journal among those published by Wiley. 

Taylor & Francis Journal Suggester – Find a suitable journal among those published by Taylor & Francis. 


Reduce the size of a PDF online – This  Adobe Acrobat online service compresses PDF files directly from your browser.

SI Unit rules and style conventions Quick reference guide for unit rules and style conventions.

Free Statistics Calculators – These statistics calculators are free to be used by researchers and students.

How to Report the Results of Statistical Analyses – This link directs to a guide on how to report two-way ANOVA results (there are guides for other tests as well) with general structure and examples of wording. 

Searching the ORCID registry

R Stuff

Friends don't let friends make certain types of data visualization - 'This is an opinionated essay about good and bad practices in data visualization'.

R Programming Tutorial - Learn the Basics of Statistical Computing – Learn the R programming language in this overview of R.

Principal Component Methods in R –  How to summarize and visualize information in a large multivariate datasets.

R for Data Science Online textbook by Garrett Grolemund and Hadley Wickham.

What They Forgot to Teach You About R Best practices for managing projects by Jenny Bryan and Jim Hester.

Teacups, Giraffes, and Statistics Illustrated and interactive introduction to R and statistics.

R Markdown

R Markdown: The Definitive Guide Comprehensive textbook on R Markdownby Xie, Allaire, and Grolemund.

The ggplot Flipbook by Gina Reynolds

Cookbook for R

Data Visualization - Online textbook on data visualization in a sensible, comprehensible, reproducible way by Kieran Healy.

Advanced R  – Online textbook by Hadley Wickham.

InVivoStat – A robust statistical software program that utilizes R as its underlying statistics engine. This tool is tailored for researchers who perform animal experiments and is available for use at no cost.