About me


Thank you for visiting, I am Daniel Moreira. 

My passion for science stems from my long-lasting fascination with the duality of oxygen and redox biology. The so-called ‘oxygen paradox’ refers to the following duality: on one hand, complex life forms depend on oxygen availability to survive and, on the other hand, oxygen is inherently toxic. The bridge between these two sides of the coin is redox biology, i.e., the interplay between reactive species and antioxidants through reduction and oxidation processes in living systems.    

I have been studying the role of redox metabolism (i.e., the relationship between antioxidants and reactive species) in animal ecophysiology since my first undergraduate year. This line of research was also the theme of my master's degree and doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology. I currently hold a position as a Biologist at the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Brasilia. My role includes the coordination of research and outreach activities. In addition to animal ecophysiology studies, my research also involves biotechnology projects.

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